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Class: Calendar_Validation_Error

Source Location: Program_Root/Validator.php


Class Overview

For Validation Error messages


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Class Details

For Validation Error messages
access:  public
see:  Calendar::fetch()

Class Methods

constructor Calendar_Validation_Error

Constructs Calendar_Validation_Error

Calendar_Validation_Error Calendar_Validation_Error( string $unit, int $value, string $message)

API Tags:

access:  protected


string   $unit   Date unit (e.g. month,hour,second)
int   $value   Value of unit which failed test
string   $message   Validation error message

method getMessage

Returns the validation error message

string getMessage( )

API Tags:

access:  public

method getUnit

Returns the Date unit

string getUnit( )

API Tags:

access:  public

method getValue

Returns the value of the unit

int getValue( )

API Tags:

access:  public

method toString

Returns a string containing the unit, value and error message

string toString( )

API Tags:

access:  public
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